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Timbermats for Sale

Used Grade C Timbermats for Sale! Used timbermats are put into categories called grades based on their conditions. Grade A is considered the best and goes to Grade B and then Grade C. As you can see in the pictures,

Firewood for Sale!

We have firewood for sale! Wood types include mixed hardwood and ash. Delivery within 20 miles of Montrose. Prices: $550 / load $1,000 / 2 loads Contact us to place your order!

B-39 Pipeline Clearing in Pittsburgh, PA

B-39 Pipeline Clearing in Pittsburgh, PA.  This pipeline being cleared in Pittsburgh is 3 miles of steep, rugged and tough terrain. Work involved for this job includes clearing trees and building bridges over creeks and unstable ground.  

Gibson Mulch Yard

Site Development in Gibson, PA  RHL is clearing and developing 80+ acres of land for our sister company, CBH Investments in Gibson, PA right off of Interstate 81. Land will then be long term leased for several businesses along with

Matting in Mechanicsburg, PA

Mat bridges being built in Mechanicsburg, PA.     

Harding Pipeline

RHL is currently clearing 5 miles of land for the Harding Pipeline.  

Summit Substation

Summit Substation  Our crews straw matting the Summit Substation job located on Keyser Ave in Scranton, PA.

MECH-ROSS Line Rebuild in Mechanisburg, PA

MECH-ROSS Line Rebuild  Below are pictures from one of our current matting jobs located in Mechanisburg, PA.    

Tigercat 830 Feller Buncher

Our Tigercat 830 Feller Buncher can handle any sized timber. The blade buzzes through any size tree in seconds and can rip through tree trunks like a weed whacker. At the same time, a large claw encircles the tree so

RHL23 2018 Kenworth W900

RHL’s newest addition to our equipment list is a 2018 Kenworth W900. With more trucks available, we are able to better serve our customers with any of your equipment hauling or transport needs.