What products will work best for you?

RHL Companies provides mats that can be used to create platforms and a stable ground for heavy equipment. They are used for temporary roads and ground protection for sites in swamps. Use them for large pipelines, natural gas projects, or electric transmission projects.  

8'' Timber Mats 

Made out of solid oak or mixed hardwoods, timber mats are durable enough to stabilize most track equipment. They conform to the highest industry standards.

12'' Crane Mats 

Our crane mats are 12″ thick with steel rods running through the timbers. These mats are a good choice for a temporary bridge.

3-Ply Laminated Mats 

 These mats work best for lighter loads and are more environmentally friendly compared to timber mats. They are easy to assemble with nails or carriage bolts and can be interlocked. are commonly referred too as truck mats best suited for access roads and come in a variety of sizes 8x14 8x16


A temporary wooden structure to support and lift heavy objects during construction.