Our Safety Goal

At RHL Companies we believe that a successful operation is run by following an effective Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Program. We take our time to look over each and every project, to make sure we have the best project-specific hazard and environmental requirements are in place. One of the many ways we make sure we are providing our best quality work is by calling 811 before any digging begins. We make sure each of our employees has a thorough understanding of the project plans, so they are equipped to provide knowledgable and exceptional work. Here at RHL we employ a full-time Safety Coordinator to make sure we are taking the correct steps to have a safe and successful process during each project. If a larger project requires additional HSE we reach out to seek additional coaching and training as needed. We at RHL are also members of ISNetworld and First Verify. 


The safe and successful completion of each project is our main goal. 

We treat any near miss in our industry, whether ours or other contractors, as an opportunity to further educate ourselves on the risks and hazards associated in our field of work. 


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