Our professional staff of experienced, safe drivers, efficient dispatcher, and trained diesel mechanics is committed to providing the services you are looking for.

We have a large fleet of company owned trucks and several trailers available to service your equipment hauling and transport needs. We use a GPS tracking system in each of our trucks so when a call comes in, the truck can be tracked to be able to schedule a time for pick up or delivery.  We are able to give you approximate locations and times of delivery and ensure your load is being handled with the utmost care.

Heavy Hauling

Heavy haul trucking of over dimensional and overweight loads may require special routing in order to travel only on the highways that permit vehicle weights that can accommodate them. To have a successful over sized load shipment, it is extremely important to know how to deal with the legal considerations, permits, and the technical challenges of pulling a heavy load. States require that certain oversize loads have Escort Vehicle Operators to protect other vehicles on the road and the load itself. The purpose is to safely escort an oversize load from point A to point B without damaging the load, vehicles, roads, bridges, signs, wires, overhanging objects or property. Safety is the top priority for drivers and the general public when hauling a heavy load.

Whether it's a few yards of mulch for your garden or trailer loads for filter sock, RHL produces the quality mulch to fill your needs.

Walking Floors

These specialized trailers are used to haul chips, grindings, or wood fibers from job sites. The floor moves so the product can be unloaded off the back. An advantage to these trailers is that they can haul up to 110 cubic yards without having to be put up in the air to unload.