Whether your project is a 25 mile long pipeline or a 2 acre clearing for a building site, we can complete the project with the right amount of equipment and man power on budget.


Large power projects that require 10,000 mats or small accesses that need 20, we have what you need no matter how big or small.


RHL Companies, Inc. is an expanding company focusing on the use of our renewable resources; offering a wide range of products & services with years of experience for both our commercial and residential clients. We take pride in an environmental and safe approach that we give to each project. Our safety program is continuously being upgraded as the industry changes, and as our record indicates we hold our employees and the public’s safety of the utmost importance.


Visit RHL’s Retail Yard for your landscaping projects!

RHL’s Retail Yard is the place to keep in mind when thinking about any of your outdoor projects. Whether you need mulch for your garden, stone for decoration, or topsoil to repair that spot, we’ve got you covered with our long list of products and services. We’ll even deliver and install for your convenience.


We began in 2005 as a logging company and have since expanded into land clearing, excavating, erosion control, hydro seeding, matting, grinding, timber harvesting, site preparation, trucking, and our RHL Retail Yard.

RHL is compliant with all local, state and federal regulations ,strives to prevent pollution at all times and works to continually find new ways to protect the environment.